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A to Z Termination Traffic


Due to our focus on strategic in country directs, we offer Standard and Premium A to Z termination traffic.


Using our multi-partitioned system, we are able to offer stability, quality, and low wholesale rates through interconnections with PTT's, MVNO's, direct in-country suppliers, and trusted wholesale partners.

A to Z Termination Traffic
Customized Account Management
Customized Account Management


Highly proactive and responsive, our NOC team works with an advanced automated system which changes routes and notifies providers in an instance.


Our flexible and dedicated sales team ensures a timely response, meeting demands of the dynamic telecom market.

Effective Routing System


With a fully redundant IP-based network, we offer retail and wholesale telecommunication solutions for our customers at the most competitive prices.
We use cutting edge equipment that combines security, media management, and transcoding to provide an intelligent and flexible interconnection.

Effective Routing System
Hi-Tech Network
Hi-Tech Network


Our advanced software system offers a full range of capabilities:

  • Access control

  • Secure entry point into the carrier’s VoIP network

  • Network topology hiding

  • Centralized media traffic management

  • Maintaining SIP-related NAT bindings

  • Protocol and codec inter-working

Looking for high quality low rate voice termination?
Get in touch with us and reach out for new opportunities!
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