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Founded in 2011, Zaheen Telecom was formed by a group of senior specialists with strong entrepreneurial spirit who operate in the telecom business for over decade.


Our experience and commitment have been instrumental in our development, thus helping us build a strong reputation with our partners.

Our Team

Professional, upright, and dedicated, our team is more than a reliable business partner.


We have a strong apetite for telecommunications and we enjoy working in the field. With us, you will benefit from quality-focused and cost effective services and enjoy a long lasting win-win partnership.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future revolves around innovation. While staying competitive, we are commited to invest in infrastructure, products, and services.


We at Zaheen Telecom combine telecom knowledge with the mission to offer a full suite of wholesale and retail voice services designed to meet the needs of our valued clients. 

Looking for high quality low rate voice termination?
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